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Januar 2022

Wunderschöne Aussicht vom Wettersteinlift

Wettersteinlifte – Skifahren in Ehrwald

Die Wettersteinlifte in Ehrwald sind einen Skiausflug wert. Im Gegensatz zu den Skigebieten in Garmisch und auf der Zugspitze hat man hier bis Pistenende Sonnenschein (sofern Sonne vorhanden;-)).

Waterbottle Workout

Hotelroom Workouts

This is how it all started: The idea to bring body-weight workouts to you, so you would be able to workout anytime anywhere in a hotel room or at home without any equipment.

TRX Workouts

TRX Workouts

Learn all the basic TRX strength training exercises. These workouts are timed to 30 seconds of exercise 10 seconds of rest.

Yoga Workouts


Welcome on your mat!
Short and long yoga sequences, Sun Salutations, Yoga and Pilates workouts and great yoga inspired stretches.

Core Workouts

Core Workout

The Espresso Workouts Core program is targeting all of your „center“ muscles: abdominals, obliques, transverse as well as your thigh and butt muscles.

Back Stories Workouts

Back Stories

This training series is all about neck, shoulders and back and the practice of self-love. We use work in extension and outward rotation to create length and space. The neck, back and shoulders open up and release tension to gain more freedom.

Espresso Workouts Stretch


The Stretch Series is a low impact workout ideal for your morning wake up routine or to wind down and get stress out of your system in the evening.
While stretching we will have time for exploration of the body and focusing of the mind.